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Cycle tour along the ancient towns of Central Russia with the Capital City Moscow



Tour distances: cycling ~260 km/~163 mi.

Cycling grade: The estimated bike route will be 260 kilometers, not including transfers. However, these distances can be either increased or decreased (except Day 2 and Day 6 when our support vehicle can't go near the group), depending on the group, their physical training and the individual wishes of our guests. Most of the trip will take place on rural and earth roads in ecologically clean parts of Tver and Moscow regions. Only these two stages will be on asphalt roads with little traffic, and under the supervision of our staff.

Arrival / Departure: Moscow Airport


10 days guided group cycling tour in Russia from from/to Moscow (Code G6P)

Welcome to Russia for a cycle ride in one of the most interesting parts of the First National cycle route of Russia. The bike route will start from the Upper Volga, from the old town of Staritsa. Gradually we will approach the Moscow region and the Volga River here will be much deeper and full flowing – surrounding landscapes will change as well, and we shall see more and more grandiose sights and architectural monuments. And the bike tour will reveal the extraordinary originality, the colorfulness of Russian hinterland and the true Russian soul, which is not always possible to experience when you make a trip through the big cities of Russia.

Our bike route will have its logical ending in a symbolic place for Russian Orthodoxy – in the town of Sergiev Posad, the "pearl" of the Golden Ring of Russia. The tour program is rich in events – we will pass many authentic villages and visit several old monasteries and churches, active and dilapidated. We will also visit a couple of museums and manors, and make stops in the famous Old Russian towns, get several master classes, have fun and rest by the bank of the River Volga.

The first night of the tour will take place in a hotel in the historical center of Moscow, where we will gather all of the participants of the bike tour. After the tour, we will come from Sergiev Posad to Moscow. Those who wish, may continue exploring the capital of our country. We are ready to organize an interesting program on request in advance. A professional sports leader (English or German speaking), a minibus and a car of technical support will accompany the cycling group. Across all the way, we provide your customers with accommodation in comfortable hotels (almost all hotels are 4*).


Day 1: Arrive in Moscow

Arrive in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Welcome meeting at the hotel with tour guide. After the dinner we will have a walk through evening Moscow. We will visit one of the oldest temples – a Temple of the Prophet Ilya – first wooden church that was built in 1592. After that we will walk along the Moscow River, past the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour to rich the Kremlin and the Red Square. You will be thrilled and amazed with these grand and great constructions that are situated in the heart of our beautiful city. To be back to the hotel we will use the Moscow Metro, starting with one of the most beautiful Metro station – "Ploschad' Revolyutsii" and "Arbatskaya", that indeed can be called as a work of architectural arts.

Overnight in Moscow.

Day 2: Moscow – Staritsa (transfer by bus ~200 km)

After breakfast we will leave Moscow by bus for 2-3 hours ride (200 km). During the trip our sport leader and guide will tell you the history of Moscow and Tverskaya region, the place we are going today. In the second half of the day we will reach an old Russian city – Staritsa, one of the places where you can still see its original appearance and identity. First written record of Staritsa was made in the far 1297 and it was a favorite and loveable residence of Ivan Grozny – Tsar Ivan the Terrible IV. After lunch at the hotel, we will go to an excursion to one of the oldest monasteries of Russia, it was built in 1110 by orthodox monks of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (in Kiev). And then, returning to the hotel, we will rise on the high hill to see a picturesque landscape of Russian heartland. By the evening time we will be back to the hotel – former landlord's mansion – lovely renovated by current owners – young family. Here we will have a master class, we will prepare the Russian dumplings! Our chef will talk about the secrets of this, at first glance, not cunning dish! After dinner everyone will have an opportunity to visit a real Russian Sauna (not included).

Overnight in Staritsa.

Day 3: Staritsa – village Volga (cycle ~55 km Staritsa – village Krasnoe – village Brody, bus ~36 km)

Morning transfer from Staritsa to the village Krasnoe, which once was a rich manor of the state Councillor Poltoratskiy, a close friend of A.S. Pushkin. From the manor remained the house and an unusual pseudo gothic church, that was built by the Poltoratskiy in 1790. There are only three churches of this kind in Russia (+ in St. Petersburg and in Pskov). When we arrive to Krasnoe we will be met by the priest – father Dmitry. This will be a unique meeting – he will lead us to the bell tower. Here you can not only make a bird's-eye beautiful photos of the Russian countryside, but also strike the bell.

Next, we will start our bike tour in the lands of Tver along the River Volga. It is a completely secluded route, only sometimes we will meet fishermen.   The pacification and silence will be accented by rare splashes of water and cries of water birds. In one of the authentic villages we will make a stop for a short lunch break. If the weather is hot, you can go for a swim in the Volga, the water here is clean and cool! During our trip, near the village Tolpino, we will look in the caves (Staritskie Kamenolomni), which were dug in the 12thC during the mining of limestone (~20 caves located in this area of the River Volga). The caves have a lot of stories and legends, one of which tells that the library of Ivan the Terrible is hidden within them.

Dinner and the rest of our evening we will spend in real "Boyar's manor". This 4* hotel is located on the bank of the River Volga. Guests can take a dip in the pool, visit the spa salon, relax in the Russian Banya, or visit the "Barsky Compound" – mini-farm and a small zoo and ride horses.

Overnight in village Volga.

Day 4: village Volga – Tver (cycle ~35 km Volga – Tver, by bus ~17 km)

Primeval nature of the Tver region is amazingly beautiful. And today we shall go to its capital – an ancient Russian town Tver. We will go by road with little traffic through pine and mixed forests, marshy lowlands and flowering meadows, blue rivers and lakes! People settled here long ago. This region is one of the oldest places of the Slavic settling of the Tver lands and early Christianization. Burial mounds of the 9th-11thC next to the village Dudenevo have Orthodox crosses and other attributes that indicate that the local population became Christian shortly after the Christianization of the Rus. At the middle of our trip we will visit the village "Bolshie Borki". Here we will go down to the picturesque banks of the river Volga, where we shall organize a small picnic party, and if the weather is warm enough we can go for a swim. Then we will continue our trip to Tver (1135 - the official year of foundation of the city), passing through ancient authentic villages and hamlets. In one of the villages, called Novinki, we can see how the Russian Orthodox Church is being reborn – in 2003 on the bell tower of the church of St. Nicholas (the first mentioning in 1628) a cross appeared and church services began.

The last 15 km we will take a bus on the federal highway to the center of Tver to our beautiful hotel 4* (a restored mansion, built in the classical style of the late 18thC). The Novotorzhskaya Street was organized in the framework according to the plan of the reconstruction of Tver, approved by Catherine II in 1767. In the evening after dinner you will have a short excursion the old town of Tver, you can also see in the city center a monuments of very great and famous Russian poets, writers and travelers like Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Krylov and Afanasiy Nikitin). Then you can take a walk on your own along the main street of the town "Trekhsvyatskaya" which is very similar to the Moscow's "Arbat" with the same souvenir shops, rows of colorful Matreshkas, artist's easels and lots of cozy cafes and restaurants. Here you will plunge into the colorful atmosphere of the true Russian provincial capital.

Overnight in Tver.

Day 5: Tver – Orshinsky monastery – Yurievskoe (cycle ~25-30 km Tver – Monastery, by bus ~20 km)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will go through the historical part of Tver, on its waterfront, which was built in 18thC. We will visit the "City Garden", a very lovely place in the old town. In addition, the remains of the log walls of the Kremlin and the rampart. A wonderful view opens from there to the river Volga. Next, we move to the other side of river over the "Starovolzhsky" bridge, which was built in the late 19thC. This bridge reminds the inquisitive traveler the bridge in the Bavarian town Laufen an der Salzach and the bridge in Budapest.

Leaving Tver we will pass the district "New Tver", and it will be very interesting! Afterwards we will go  through the outskirts of the city and through the sand pits. We will take a road through the pine forests along the picturesque banks of the Great Volga in order to come to the Orshinsky monastery (15thC), which patronized the Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Then we will make a stop for a picnic on the banks of a small tributary of Volga. You will feel extraordinary peace in this mysterious place, where Volga becomes wider and even more powerful.
After a pleasant break, we will travel for 5 km by asphalt road surrounded by old pine trees. Then we will take our bus to the village Yurievskoe where we will spend a wonderful evening in the "Park Volzhanka" (it's quite a large area, which includes small stylized village with wooden houses with all amenities). We will have dinner in a restaurant among a pine forest and the romantic evening on the bank of the Volga. There is a lovely relaxation area also for swimming in the river and for leisure time in the coastal bar.

Overnight in village Yurievskoe.

Day 6: Yurievskoe – Konakovo (cycle ~20 km Yurievskoe – Vidogoshi – Gorodnya, by bus ~45 km, + ferry ride across the river)

Today we will go for 25 km through an old pine forest, passing ancient racy villages. For a few kilometers it will be an abandoned road, but the rest of the way – pleasant earth roads. When we reach Vigodoshi, we will take the ferry to get to the other side of the river Volga. The river here is wide and full-flowing. The islands, the water surface, the beaches and the pine forests – all this creates an indescribable magical atmosphere of peace and unity with nature. But first, we will have a lunch in a very unusual place – on the tourism basis of the Moscow Nuclear University, in carefully preserved canteen of the USSR times. It will be a real surprise for you!
After we cross the river, we will arrive at an old village Gorodnya. In the first half of the 15thC. this was basically the fourth most important town of the Tver principality and protected the approaches of Tver from the side of Moscow. Here it is preserved the church of the 14thC. (the oldest church in the Tver region) and "Coaching House" (house was built for stops of Catherine II during her trips through Russia).
From Gorodnya, we shall take the bus to Konakovo. The history of the town Konakovo is basically the history of the development of the faience factory opened in 1809. In 1833 faience (porcelain) received the right to print the Russian coat – a label of trust and highest quality.

We will spend the evening in an unusual hotel! It is even impossible to call hotel ... Perhaps this is a giant-sized chalet, surrounded by a small chalets on the banks of the River Volga with its own sandy beach and excellent infrastructure. After dinner we will have one more Master class in "The City of masters" - one more component of our hotel.

Overnight in Konakovo.

Day 7: Konakovo – Dmitrov (cycle ~45 km or 55 km The Moscow Canal – village Rogachevo, by bus ~28 km or 62 km)

Depending on the weather and group members we will travel either 55 or 45 km on countryside earth roads. In the first offer, we have two transfers. In the morning, we will take the bus to the Moscow Canal (~33 km). Afterwards we will go by bikes to the trading village Rogachevo first along the Canal and then through forests and small rivers, fields, authentic hills and villages. We will go through the so-called Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya ridge (part of the Russian Plain), through the hilly, undulating areas, which cut through the valleys of rivers and brooks. We will make a stop for lunch and a short break in one of the most picturesque places – village "Pustin", where two rivers Yahroma and Sestra meet each other.

Here we shall also see how the Nativity Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is being rebuilt from ruins. The first part of the stone building belonging to the 1547, after the Tsar Ivan the Terrible visited this place, thanks to his financial investment. Rogachevo village, proud of its history, especially – in 1858 the Emperor Alexander II visited trading village with his wife Empress Maria Alexandrovna and their children. The remaining stone buildings in the village are the evidence of luxury and wealth. Then, after arriving to the town Dmitrov, we will stay in a modern, recently built hotel. After that, we will have dinner in a very cozy café-restaurant in the historic center of the town, right next to the Kremlin. In the evening, guests can go to the Banya-complex at our hotel or take a short walking tour in the "Old town" of Dmitrov.

Overnight in Dmitrov.

Day 8: Dmitrov – Abramtsevo mansion (cycle ~44 km)

After breakfast we will spend some time exploring the Museum of "Dmitrov Kremlin". Afterwards our bike tour will go on an automobile road with a little traffic. We will be escorted by our car towards a small town Khot'kovo, descending most of the way from Dmitrov to the Privolzhskaya lowland among forest and fields. On the way we will have a look at the farm, to get known with the life of Russian peasants of the 21stC, will try real Russian sour cream, okroshka or borsh. After saying good bye to hospitable hosts, we'll go to Khot'kovo. It is a very nice and green province town, we will go through its park, next to the monumental walls of the 14thC monastery (where you can take interesting photos of measured life of local residents and the surrounding landscape).  And after we will continue our way to the famous estate Abramtsevo, which is associated with many bright pages of Russian history and culture.

We will spend this night in an elegant and modern hotel – literally 200 meters from the estate. To be more precise – it is a country club and its architectural style is Russian Nouveau, which is in perfect harmony with the mansion. After dinner, you can visit the SPA and have a swim in the open or closed swimming pools. You can go for a horse ride, play bowling or pool, or you can simply enjoy the silence while walking through the neighborhood.

Overnight in estate Abramtsevo.

Day 9: Abramtsevo – Sergiev Posad (cycle ~17 km)

Today is probably one of the most cultural days of our tour. First, we will spend approximately 2 hours in Museum of the Abramtsevo mansion. The program includes the main mansion building, small distinctive church, the county house of Polenov and the workshop. During our tour, we will be surrounded by a magnificent park with centuries-old oaks and lindens. Here, as 150 years ago reigns an extraordinary atmosphere of Russian flavor and identity. Then we will take the shortest bike route of our tour, which is only 17 km long. You shall see the picturesque landscapes of the Russian plain and churches with domes of gold, glittering in the sunshine. In the second part of the day, we will arrive in Sergiev Posad – the culmination of our travels in the Russian countryside. Sergiev Posad is considered the pearl and one of the main sights within the "Golden Ring of Russia" and in an average year, the city is visited by about half a1,5 million tourists.After lunch we will have a short excursion tour in the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. The monastery was founded in 15th-16thC (during the reign of Peter I, the monastery kept the role of the Tsar's fortress). In 1993 this architectural ensemble entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. And that's not all! Local artists for painting wooden toys will organize for us a Master class. Each of us will be given billet of wood. The artists will tell us about the techniques of painting and you will paint yourself and take with you - Russian Matryoshka!

In the evening, we shall return to the Hotel, where we will have dinner at a restaurant with an excellent name "Sobranie". An amazing menu and luxury decorations, comfort and first class service will become a beautiful end of the day and our bike tour. Style of the restaurant will remind you of a Tsar's village. There are a lot of old Russian historical buildings: "Russian Terem", a "House of the Princess" and a beautifully designed courtyard. Everyone who is interested in it can go to the sauna or a real Russian Banya or sauna. that indeed can be called as a work of architectural arts.

Overnight in Sergiev Posad.

Day 10: Sergiev Posad – Moscow (by bus ~80 km)

After breakfast at the hotel we will travel to Moscow. For everyone who wishes to continue exploring the capital of Russia, we recommend staying in the hotel "Bagration", where you spent your first night in Moscow. Booking in advance is required.

But if the group will have some time, we will be able to go visit Saint Russian Orthodox Church – to see a waterfall (considering Russian nature – it is rare, because we do not have mountains) – source "Gremyachiy Klyuch". When we arrive, you shall see yourself what a magnificent place it is. Here we must remember that St. Sergei of Radonezh (founder of the monastery) has always traveled by foot, not even on horseback. "The water rushes down from a thirty meter high slope into the river Vondiga. The muffled sound of the spreads far – as if the wind sings in the crowns of mighty trees. Seven springs spurt out from the cracks in the limestone. Merging, they form a stream..." In 1992 the monks of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius made this place more comfortable for pilgrims, so that everybody could praise St. Sergei of Radonezh and drink spring water. Since 2015 a large complex is being built, where you can take a swim in the holy waters in which the temperature is always +8 degrees Celsius.

Tourists, who plan to leave Russia on this day, please let us know beforehand. short walking tour in the "Old town" of Dmitrov.

End of the tour.


G6P-1. 20.05 - 29.05.2017
G6P-2. 17.06 - 26.06.2017
G6P-3. 01.07 - 10.07.2017
G6P-4. 29.07 - 07.08.2017
G6P-5. 12.08 - 21.08.2017
G6P-6. 26.08 - 04.09.2017
G6P-7. 19.09 - 28.09.2017
*departure any date (May-September) possible on request with min. 10 people per group

TOUR PRICE per person

Double/Twin room € 1599
Single room € 1828


  • 9 nights stay in hotels (rooms with WC/shower)
  • Breakfast on days 2-9 (complex or buffet)
  • Full board (lunches and dinners) on Day 2-9: picnic or lunch packages; on Day 2 and Day 9 - hotel's restaurant; 1 lunch in rural farm; 1 dinner in the USSR canteen;
  • Welcome dinners at the hotel's restaurant
  • Lunch package on Day 10
  • Mineral water at your disposal on cycling days
  • Bike rental with a back pannier (MTB with 21-speed), helmet on request
  • Services of support team, including sport leader, technician and tour coordinator
  • Transfers as per itinerary by air-conditioned coach /minibus
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel (max 20 kg. per person)
  • Ferry tickets across the Volga River
  • Entrance to museums in Dmitrov, Abramtsevo, Lavra in Sergiev Posad
  • 3x  master class on the route of the tour
  • Visa support – invitation to the Russian Embassy in your country
  • Individual information package (one per room)
  • Local taxes


- 3-4* hotels typical to the region, 1 night in a family hotel, and 1 night in "Recreation Park" on the Volga River
- Rooms with shower/WC or bath/WC


  • Pre/post-tour accommodation in Moscow 4*
    (price per room per night with breakfast during weekdays May 1-June 28 / June 28-September 30)
    Double/twin room - € 99 / € 87
    Single room - € 84 / € 73


  • Discounts for extra bed in double/twin room for people from 5 yrs. old – 10 %
  • Minimum group size – 8 people
  • Maximum group size – 22 people

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